European Transport and Mobility Forum
European Transport and Mobility Forum

Welcome to the European Transport and Mobility

An alliance that helps identifying, designing and implementing novel ideas and innovation through participatory processes. The ETM Forum main goals are:

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Find here all useful materials developed by the ETM Forum, by the Mobility4EU project and by Working Groups, plus many other documents to inform our readers about goals, vision and proposals.

ETM Forum Documentation

ETM Forum trifold

The A3 trifold introduces the goals and activities of the ETM Forum.

15 April 2019 2 MB pdf

Mobility4EU Vision Map

The Vision summarises the results of the assessment on trends and challenges, ranked solutions and scenarios. It has been developed within a creative process together with experts from passenger and freight transport from all modes as well as user representatives. User-centredness and the holistic approach that includes passengers, freight and all modes of transport, is considered key to develop mobility services that focus on real human-needs and enable a truly integrated transport system.

01 March 2019 6 MB pdf
ETM Forum Documentation

ETM Forum Statutes – Draft Version

25 February 2019 853 KB pdf

Mobility4EU project brochure

Mobility4eu establishes the future vision of a transport system in 2030 in Europe. Its objectives are: identifying, assessing and analysing the influence of societal drivers on transport demand creating a sound understanding of behavioral and societal factors; developing an Action Plan and Roadmap for innovative solutions for mobility to advance the agenda of the transport sector and society at large; taking into account user needs by engaging relevant stakeholders and the general public in a participatoty project.

24 February 2019 1 MB pdf

Mobility4EU Action Plan

The Action Plan for Transport in Europe in 2030 details measures that address technical topics especially referring to societal aspects and issues for multistakeholder interaction , as e.g. policy, user acceptance, standardisation, collaboration and the integration of the user perspective into the R&D and innovation process. Multiple existing strategies and published roadmaps address these issues in its entirety for individual modes or for freight only. These initiatives are driven by the research community, the industry or policy, but only rarely from a user perspective. The Action Plan produced by Mobility4EU intends to fill this gap and provide recommendations for R&D, deployment, policy and regulatory framework and other implementation-related issues from a user-centered and cross-modal perspective.

05 February 2019 14 MB pdf