European Transport and Mobility Forum
European Transport and Mobility Forum

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An alliance that helps identifying, designing and implementing novel ideas and innovation through participatory processes. The ETM Forum main goals are:

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The ambitious goals of climate protection and energy and resource efficiency as well as the tremendous changes in society and economy require restless innovation and progress in the transportation systems. In order to reach the European goals towards sustainability and efficiency and to meet the transport and mobility needs of all European citizens, a truly integrated and seamless transport system for people and freight must be developed and implemented.

Therefore, the full potential of transformative technologies has to be exploited. This can only be achieved if user-centeredness, cross-modal solutions, technology and knowledge transfer as well as collaboration between modes, but also beyond the traditional transport sectors, become a focus of efforts of all stakeholders in transport. In these efforts, the user needs to be included in the entire design process starting from the research stage until the implementation of new transport products and services.

In 2017, within the activities of the project Mobility4EU (H2020 CSA), the initiative for building the European Transport and Mobility Forum has been launched. The aim was to sustain the stakeholder network that has come to life during the project and continue to work on the focus issues that have been elaborated within the project. Thus, the ETM Forum intends to connect stakeholders to discuss and advocate for user-centric approaches and cross-modal cooperation in transport of passenger and freight. The goal is no less than work together towards the vision for transport in Europe in 2030 and the implementation of the Action Plan developed within Mobility4EU together with a broad stakeholder community.

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The ETM Forum established an online collaboration platform to provide a central portal for information, communication and collaboration between stakeholders in the network as well as an entry point for newcomers. Join the ETM Forum through this online portal. You will be required to fill your user profile and to provide a statement on your activities and the reasons why you would engage in the ETM Forum. The ETM Forum can only excel through its active members. Therefore you will have to let the ETM Forum know how you intend to contribute to its activities. Based on this information, the ETM Forum will evaluate your membership application.

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