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[WG 06] INDIMO Community of Practice

[WG 06] INDIMO Community of Practice
04 July 2020 1 topics 1 active members

Group Leaders

Floridea di Ciommo

Co-director of research Institute cambiaMO|changing Mobility


Local Communities of practice are established in each INDIMO project pilot. They include users, mobility service providers and developers. They draw on the knowledge and experience of their members to propose solutions adapted to their needs and interest, in a peer-to-peer learning context. Each community of practice will be free to use both english and local language in online discussions. Communities of practice can have different objectives such as:

  • Developing productive services
  • Creating common knowledge on how people travel and what problems they encounter when they use digital mobility and logistics solutions
  • Empowering a specific group of people to be able to participate in key life activities depending on their abilities (i.e. going to work, school, healthcare or shopping).


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